Digital visibility.

Made simple.

Gain a clear line of sight into your organization’s network activity and associated risks with Stealthpath. It’s no longer complex.

Who we are

We make cyber

security intuitive

and accessible for all

Stealthpath is a pioneering cyber security company, that deploys sophisticated solutions rooted in simplicity and Zero Trust principles globally. With our user-friendly solutions, your organization can enhance its digital visibility, reduce costs, and empower teams without specialized skills to confidently protect digital assets.
How we do it

A suite of products that make the complex simple

Achieving digital visibility requires understanding your organization’s network activity, being alerted to relevant threats, and effectively addressing those issues. Our ZSuite includes an integrated set of solutions built upon Zero Trust principles designed to accomplish all these tasks in a hassle-free way.

Gain visibility into your networks

Collect data and gain visibility into your organizations network activity, while keeping data privacy.

Detect threats and anomalies

Tailor alerts and set rules that can help you identify issues in realtime and respond to threats.

Respond and protect your network

Take action against threats and empower your team to promptly address, block or allow interactions within your network activity.

One workspace. All data insights.

Get a consolidated view and understanding of your network intelligence sourced from all ZSuite products.

From governments to small businesses, organizations across various sectors partner with us to enhance visibility and make well-informed decisions about cybersecurity threats.


Critical infrastucture

Government facilities

Private companies




Small businesses